Chien D., Garden Grove, CA :  
"I knew Caryn through my sister.  Caryn handled my sister's divorce case and my sister was very happy with the outcome.  Caryn also handled my divorce case and I was very pleased with the result.  Caryn is a very well-rounded attorney with integrity, professionalism, and honesty.  She spent time with me either in her office, on the phone, or through e-mail to describe what is going on in the process and helped me in anyway she can focusing on my INTEREST. One word that can describes Caryn is that she has PASSION in her work which helps her goes above and beyond her daily routines. She loves her work!!!  That being said, she will help you with the best ability and effort that she can.  She is very honest and pleasant  to work with.  I can't even describe enough how wonderful she is as a knowledgeable and professional attorney.  I am deeply thankful for her assistance throughout my ordeal.  So if you ever need a great attorney, I would definitely recommend Caryn H. Nguyen to be your attorney."

Debra D., Lomita, CA: 

"Caryn is my third attorney for family law, and has been the best . Even though our relationship has been email or phone, i feel that she is a caring attorney. She has done her job and follows through with what she says. The staff that works for her is pleasant and phone calls or emails are returned quickly. I have referred her to friends and i feel that no matter where you live you will not be disappointed with her skills. She is honest and you can tell she really enjoys what she does. So if you want a lawyer that works for you, you need to call her firm."

Michelle G.: 
Caryn Nguyen has been representing me since 2009 for my legal matters and she has been extremely helpful. She is a fabulous attorney and very knowledgeable. She always responds to everything in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend her services to everyone."

Fernando Grimaldo, M.A., Newport Beach, CA:  

"I can’t express my deepest gratitude for the guidance and assistance that Caryn Nguyen, Esq.  has offered me.  In a time of desperation and imminent need Ms. Nguyen walked me through the worst time of my life.  A task as such is definitely accomplished by a professional with integrity and compassion. Ms. Nguyen shares her personal insight and professional enthusiasm to represent and advocate for her clients with vigor. I am thankful to have found Ms. Nguyen.

I recommend Attorney Caryn Nguyen because of her due diligence and attitude that sets her above the rest.  Her professional courtesy only enhances her intelligence and willingness to succeed for her clients in all aspects of the law."

Cedric Joseph, President and CEO of CBIS Inc.:
"I met Caryn professionally in Nov 2012 to work on an urgent business contract that was “big” and life changing  for my technology business in Southern California. Caryn from the start was a great listener and now looking back, she asked the right questions to start working on my contract. She kept in contact with me constantly to let me know the progress of her work and made the final product and submission absolutely seamless. What blew me away was how my client signed off on the dotted line with minimum changes to the contract she wrote and no negotiations was warranted due to how well she constructed the contract. I am very satisfied with the whole process with Caryn and we are now great friends as well."

Cindy S., Mission Viejo, CA:
“Wow, seriously, as good as it gets!  Both Caryn and Emanuel GET THE JOB DONE and both are wonderful people.  In both business and family law, they get it done.  You will be so happy with your results.  And on top of that, they don’t run up the tab, just to run up the tab.  They are THE REAL DEAL!!  I truly feel very strongly about sharing their goodness.”

Richard Nguyen, San Diego, CA:
“My finger was smashed and car damaged completely from a high speed car accident.  The best decision I made was to hire Caryn.  She came highly recommended from a friend but I was worried my case would be put on the back burner since I lived in San Diego and her office is in Orange County.  She put my worry at ease immediately.  She kept in constant contact with me and updated me on my case regularly.  I never had to call her to find out what was happening.  She made sure the insurance company paid fair market value for my car and got me a very high settlement for my injuries and pain and suffering.   Caryn is the best out there!  She is still my attorney for other business matters.”